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TAKUMI COMPANY was established in 1987. Its goal is to integrate the ancient tradition of Japanese woodworking into the culture of the Pacific Northwest and the United States. To that end we offer full design, engineering and construction services.

IN DESIGN, our philosophy is to work closely with our clients, carefully deciphering their particular needs and requirements. Then, after careful examination of the Construction site, its natural environment becomes the basis by which we can creatively fashion a harmonious dwelling uniquely suited to the Owner's taste. Generally our designs spring from the platform of Traditional Japanese Architecture. A rich, highly evolved foundation exhibiting an esthetic of subtle understatement ripe with refined quality married to a practical functionality. This is the culmination of many centuries of study and practice.

IN CONSTRUCTION, we commit ourselves to providing the best possible quality adhering to refined traditional woodworking techniques and proven structural systems. Done properly these methods of construction result in a structure that is significantly stronger than typical western construction. Fully understanding modern building codes, openly working with local building officials and subcontractors as needed, and making that extra effort to keep communication and work flowing is our hallmark. Mostly, you will find that the spaces we create simply feel good. This is the result of starting with a harmonious design, then skillfully applying personal care and attention to each and every detail.

OWNER AND OPERATOR OF TAKUMI COMPANY, DALE BROTHERTON, began working in this field in 1978. He spent 6½ years in traditional full time apprenticeship with a well known teahouse carpenter in the San Francisco Bay Area. This apprenticeship was dedicated to concentrated practice with traditional hand tools and learning refined joinery methods. Dale then spent 2 years as a "journeyman" in traditional residential construction in Nagano-Ken, Japan expanding his skills, studying traditional building design and structural layout. With nearly 9 years of intense study accomplished, Dale returned to the USA founding TAKUMI COMPANY. Since then he has remained committed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship completing over 100 projects for private customers, institutions and municipalities.


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