TAKUMI COMPANY offers full service Woodworking and Construction in top quality authentic Japanese style. This includes initial consultation, design, engineering and building. Our projects range in size from door and furniture items to whole house construction.
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Many people express an interest in learning the craft of Japanese Carpentry. In response Dale Brotherton, owner of Takumi Company occasionally leads workshops to provide introductions to this ancient craft. Classes conducted in the past years have included projects to build Entry frames, small roofed structures, and saw-horses. All of the classes thoroughly cover sharpening and setting up of Japanese hand tools including hand planes.

This Spring’s classes in Pt. Townsend produced two Bell stands and a small building frame. Follow the link on the right to view class photos.

This year only one more class is scheduled. It will be the weekend of August 17th and 18th at the Seattle Woodcraft Supply store. Please contact the store for details, This Fall’s workshop at Econest in Ashland has been postponed until further notice. Two more classes in Port Townsend are being scheduled for April of 2020.

Although there is no substitute for undergoing a full apprenticeship to learn Japanese Carpentry, these classes provide invaluable information on basic setup and use of Japanese tools, along with joint cutting techniques. The tools and knowledge gained can readily be applied to any style of fine woodworking. It is also recommended that aspiring apprentices first participate in a class to get a feeling for what the work involves. View the link at the right for more discussion on apprenticeships.


Those interested in Japanese woodworking tools and particularly hand planes should consider attending the annual “Kezurou-kai” gathering. These events have been ongoing in Japan for many years. A US version is now in it’s fourth year. This years gathering will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area in July. Participants and observers alike are welcome regardless of your experience. Please follow the link to the right.



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