This is a description of the general sequence involved in Project Designing.
First Meeting: The best way to introduce us to your dream project is meeting directly at the location that the object or building will reside. In this way we can assess the scope and complexity of the project, get an idea of the environment that it will interact with and, most importantly get to meet you. If distance or logistics makes it inconvenient to meet directly, then please send or email as much information as you can reasonably gather. Photos of the site can be very helpful. Also photos of other items that inspire you or appeal to your aesthetic tastes can provide valuable guidance for us. Since we will be creating something that is entirely unique, tailored to your life, learning your desires, needs and tastes is a process that is vital to ultimately providing the quality and character of work that will fulfill your dreams.
Preliminary Assessment: With the information gathered at the First Meeting we can begin to discuss scope and costs. Since we are typically designing for you within your criteria of desires, location, etc., knowing right up front what your target budget is will guide us to achieve that perfect balance of the highest quality and usability, as close as possible to what you can afford. Of course at this point we are only approximating and exploring options which are, quite honestly, limitless.
Research: With any project some amount of research is required. At the minimum, confirming availability of materials. Larger projects naturally involve more effort such as investigating site environmental conditions, infrastructure needs, local utilities, regulatory and site specific code requirements. And again, most importantly, delving further into your specific requirements.
Phase One Design: This is where we get creative. Melding your desires with our experience, various design concepts are explored. Sometimes the perfect ideas present themselves immediately. Other times a series of meetings are required to home in on the right concept. Usually basic drawings are included. For construction, a Floor Plan and Elevations detailed as needed to convey the ideas. With the basic concept a preliminary cost estimate can be provided.

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Phase Two Design: Into the details. The nuts and bolts of how the project will be built. For construction this usually includes a full set of drawings to be used for permit applications. There are many details to be decided and a series of meetings will be scheduled to address them. As these drawings are finalized, a final cost can be provided.

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Although this sequence is straightforward, it is also entirely flexible. We understand that each person and each project is unique. Inevitably our clients own tastes will be expressed throughout the course of this process. With the Design ready and Costs agreed upon, we enter into a formal agreement and work begins! Please click on the link to the right to review the Building process.